Technical details

- Construction type: Assembled
- External cabin height: 2591 mm
- Internal height: 2340 mm
- Design of roof frame: Standard version
- Design of corner post: Standard version
- Design of floor construction: Standard floor cross members

- Container colour: RAL 5010 Gentian Blue

Internal finish
- Internal finish: Chipboard White
- Internal finish ceiling: Chipboard White
- Wall insulation: Mineral wool 100 mm
- Roof insulation: Mineral wool 100 mm
- Floor insulation: Mineral wool 100mm
- Design of electrical connection: Including CEE countersinks, including consumer box
- Electrics: N Standard (230V/32A/4-pin)
Design of floor construction
- Forklift pockets distance: 2050 mm
- Floor panel: Cement-bound chipboard floor
- Floor cover: CLASSIC IMPERIAL grey,1.5mm, R9
- Floor cover pulled up: CLASSIC IMPERIAL grey,1.5mm, R9
5 NO. Wall reinforcement
1 NO. Office window with tilt and turn mechanism and roller shutter
External dimension: 945 X 1200 mm
Window opening clearance: 821 X 1076 mm
Parapet height: 870 mm above floor surface (FOK)
Roller shutter with plastic slats
Window glass insulated with gas filling
Including ventilation holes in the roller shutter box
1 NO. External steel door
Standard dimensions (width): 875 mm
Light passage width: 811 mm
Light passage height: 2065 mm
Outward opening
Partition walls
4 m Internal partition wall
Without insulation
Chipboard White
2 NO. Internal door
Standard dimensions (width): 875 mm
Light passage width: 811 mm
Light passage height: 2065 mm
Sanitary equipment
1 NO. Ceramic hand wash basin, 500 X 410 mm
Including single lever tap
Including metallic mirror
Including metal hooks
Including soap dish
1 NO. WC-Gustavsberg
1 NO. GRP shower cubicle
Including single lever tap
Including shower curtain
1 NO. 80 litre boiler
1 NO. Mini kitchen including refrigerator
Including single lever tap
1 NO. Pressure reduction valve
WC facility in barrier-free design
2 NO. Exhaust fan 170m³
Heating, ventilating and cooling equipment
1 NO. E-convector 2kW
1 NO. Fanheater 2kW
1 NO. E-Convector 500W

Other equipment and details according to our technical description, which we can certainly send to you on request.
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